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  • July 25, 2019

The basic membership for Konstjord gives you access to all the shared space facilities, open area desks, your own locker, printers, the workshop, kitchen, coffee and tea, and the ability to book meeting rooms, audio recording room and additional such spaces to be added in the future.

The price for membership is 1500 kr / month
(Just after we move in there will be a discount to this until all the facilities are in place.)

A map of the upper floor of Konstgjord. The floor below houses the workshop and more.

Members can additionally rent their own 2×2 m space which they can decorate and equip according to their tastes and needs with storage, monitors, pottery wheels, electronics stations, tattoo equipment etc etc.

2×2 m space costs an additional 1000 – 2500 kr a month depending on which zone it is in Konstjord. A space can be shared further by collaborating members if they so want.

Contact us to find out more.

*prices, services and spatial solutions are all being developed right now, so they might change as we find better ways to do things.